Do you know what world values ? The skilled person. The person who have great skills is outsmart everyone who doesn’t have that, right. If you want to improve your career, its important to know the necessary skills. But, only knowing that doesn’t make you superior. You should installing that. You should know how to learn skills.

In this distracted world, if you want to shine you should be unique in someway. So, Start Acquiring skills that leads to develop your career and your overall improvement. But, Nobody tells about how to learn skills in faster and better way. But it’s important to know that, right. So, Don’t skip this article because you’re going to learn how to learn skills.

I’m going to give you 4 steps to learn skills

1: Research:

You should start research about the skill you’re going to learn. So, you know the structure of the skill and it supports you in better way. There are two ways you can research the skills better. One way is by reading books about that particular skill. It makes you understand the essential parts of that skill. But don’t dwell on that more. You research the skill because you want to extract the gist out of it. Practice part is important than research part

The second way, is finding someone who already know that skill and follow them. Investigate every steps they take. It reveals lot of secrets. Start finding out more persons and learn from them. It’s not copying actually. It’s a good way to get the sense of that particular skill. Creativity comes when a lot of things combined together.

2: Deconstruct:

If you researched the skill better, it’s easier to break down the skill into components. Every Skills is made up of subskills. Listing out that subskills. Don’t miss anything. Because it helps you focused on certain things instead of jumbling things around.

For Example:



  • Writing (more specifically, writing for the internet)
  • Researching Skills
  • Networking and Building Relationships
  • Using Social Media
  • Search Engine Optimization Skills
  • Using WordPress
  • Technical matters

3: Pareto Principle:

It is 80/20 rule. It says 20% of your activities will account for 80% of your results. It is essentially called as “vital few’ rather than many “trivial things”. That means 20% of subskills will account for 80% of improvement in skill.So pick out the essential subskills. How to pick out the essential? Find out, what are the subskills are currently important to your career or life or asking a mentor for that.

4: Practice

Cheers! We comes to essential part, the practice part. Start Practicing your subskills. Atleast, Practice daily for 1 hour. It adds up exponentially. Get Feedback along the way. Don’t hesitate to ask for help if you want. Don’t skip the practice. Put the practice blocks in your calendar and hold yourself accountable. Also, have the deadline, it gives you external motivation. But its important to intrinsically motivated. You should know why you practice. And reminding yourself periodically. It helps you to stay motivated for long time.


Research the skill, deconstruct that skill into specific subskills and find out the important subskills. Finally, Practice those subskills consistently.

Comment below: Which skill you desire to learn ?




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