I love to download the wisdom, mindset into my brain from the successful peoples.

So, I made a attempt to mail the successful peoples. What I’m asked is ” What are the 3 advices you give for youth people to improve their life ?”

One of the men is Jeff Goins. To be honest, he only replied me for that question. That shows his greatness and willing to help.

Who is Jeff Goins ?

From his own blog

I’m Jeff Goins, the best-selling author of five books including The Art of Work and Real Artists Don’t Starve. Every week, I share new tips on creative work”

He’s blog is great resource for creative people. He shares lots of best ideas and insight that helps every creatives ( especially writers )

I’m thrilled to share the 3 tips he gave me. And one more thing..

If you’re a creative person just go to his blog and learn from that. It extract the best of you ( but don’t forget me haha )

Let’s get into the 3 insights…

1: Be Kind To Peoples

” What goes around comes around. Be Kind to People. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. In the end, it works out. And if it hasn’t worked out yet, then its not the end “

Life is a cycle. What you lose, you get soon. One of the great mistake everyone made is complaining and blaming others. I’m frankly say, they’re stupid. They’re even more dangerous than stupid.

If you’ve any friends like that, just avoid them. Because they did’t understood a fundamental thing. What’s that is “You’re the manufacturer of your life”. I beg you to stop complaining and blaming, Just do the work.

Be kind to people no matter what. Yes, I agree there is a time you need to speak harsh to the peoples. If you think certain people makes you distract, just avoid them. Ignore negativity that’s it.

Be kind to most of the peoples. Its not only make others comfortable, also you. It creates a little smile on your lips. That puts your brain excitement and enjoyment.

If you’re yielding the harsh words, you’ll reap the harsh words. If you yielding the kindness, you’ll reap the kindness. Its a simple logic

But, you know what…

There is a science behind that also. That is the Law Of Reciprocity. Robert Cialdini put in his book, ” It states that those who have given benefits to us are entitled to benefits from us in return” . Behavioural scientists said, this is how human interaction works.

2: Build Your Skills

” Relationship can get you opportunity, but skill ensures you will be able to turn that big break into lasting success. Don’t forget to practice”

Arnold says, “Reps, Reps, Reps”. That means, Practice, Practice, Practice. Sharpen your skills is important one. Practice makes the skill even more sharp.

Arnold also says,” The more a man struggles, the stronger he is”. List out the skills that helps your career. And start practicing those skills and makes that permanent one. It puts you in the top 1%.

How To Build Skills:

There is a book called The First 20 hours, Josh Kaufmann said the four step method

I strongly recommend this book

1: Deconstruct the skill: Break down the skill into simpler parts

2: Educate yourself: Learn and collect some good materials that helps on the way,

3: Remove Barriers: Identify the barriers that prevents you from practice the skill and remove that

4: Practice 20 hours: It may one hour for 20 days or something else.

3: Delete the Ego And Manage Your Resources

” You can’t out earn stupid. Watch your bottom line, manage your resources wisely and don’t let ego get the best of you”

He used some financial terms. Main thing is if you’re in business make sure you actually get profit from that.

Don’t focus on short term benefits. Be the person who focus on long term rewards. Manage your each and every resources in a wise manner ( includes energy, time etc., )

What ego does for you if you allow it ?

” The egoist not stumble about, knocking things off his desk. He does not stammer or drool. No, instead he become more and more arrogant and some people not knowing what is underneath such an attitude, mistake his arrogance for a sense of power and self confidence “

Be your own sculptor, sculpting yourself by reading books and practice skills. And get the best of you





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