My Mind is blank, Oh my God situation…

Why ?

It is before a day of an math exam. I feel, I know everthing. But, I want to review the problems. I’m clueless on how to do that.

At that time, I developed a method which works fine.

This review method is specifically for math and science also. You might learned all the materials. But, without reviewing that properly, you will feel the same Oh my God situation. It works better if you learn the materials beforehand. When that time, review that by using such methods like Two paper method.

What this method can do? This gives you the awareness of what you know and what you don’t know. It enhances what you know already. It guide you well. Mainly, It deletes your overconfidence.

Lets go…

1: Prepare:

First and Foremost thing is, take two papers. In first paper, write at the top: CONCEPTS AND FORMULAS SHEET. In second paper, write at the top: MISTAKES SHEET. This is the first step.

Then, Take a book and skim through all of the materials. Then, List out all the concepts and formulas in the assigned paper for that. Don’t list out everything. You should aware of what type of problems they may asked in exam. And, list out the concepts and formulas relative to those type of problems.

Now, the first sheet is filled with important concepts and formulas. It’s more intelligent than before and you. You may already aware of what you know and what you don’t know in that process.

Its prime your brain well. When I’m doing this, I just shocked. Because I don’t know half of them. Its the second Oh my God situation for me. But, now my mind is not blank. It’s little improvement, right.

2: Practice:

Now, you have all of the important concepts and formulas. So, it is the time for practice. Take the first concept or formula in your paper and do the problem that relative to the Formula. If you don’t know the formula, try to learn that and do the problem.

After that, when you did the mistakes. Note it down in the mistakes sheet. Do this process for every formula in the sheet. When you reached the last formula, your confidence would automatically balanced and increased.

That’s it. This is a method. It’s easy to explain this but hard to put into practice. I hope, you will use this.

3: Use it as a Guide:

After, you done the process. Keep it with you. Review all the formulas and mistakes you did at the morning of an exam.

Now, I overcome the Oh my God situation and my mind also filled. I’m now have the ability to tackle an math exam. I got 93 marks at that exam. I’m amazed.

You also amazed if you use this.


  • Two paper method is a review method
  • Take two paper
  • One paper is for formulas and another one is for mistakes
  • Do practice and note the mistakes you did
  • Review those formulas and mistakes you did at the morning of an exam




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