The world is filled with creative peoples, business people and more.

One of the common problems of all creatives is: Resistance. Resistance is something that holding you back from do the work. Only solution to beat the resistance is do the work, do everyday. Turn yourself into pro is a big one. Most people( amateur ) treat their dream as a hobby, its a wrong mindset.

Change your mindset. Suck the professional characteristics into you. I’m going to share a 7 professional characteristics.

1: They’re Full time Worker

Amateurs are devote their dreams in 2-3 hours as a hobby. Professionals consider it is a full time job. They’re working for turning the dreams into reality. They’re not shallow swimmers. They’re deep swimmers. Put your head down and treat your dream as a full time job.

So, stop treating your dream as a another hobby.

2: They Doing it for the Money:

I misunderstood this first. Because, commonly people says if you really love the job, you’re not expecting money.

But, Be real. Life needs money.

Amateurs, only doing it as a hobby and work another job for money. But professionals devote their whole life for that.So, they play the game for money. It reduces their fear.

So, doing it for money. There is nothing wrong. Because, you devoted your life for that.

3: They’re show up everyday even though sickness comes:

I’m already said, Professionals treat their dream as a full time job. They’re working for their dream everyday. Consistency beats intensity.

Sickness raises so many questions. Resistance raises so many questions. Fear raises so many questions. But, their one and only answer for those questions is work.

Do the work everyday. I mean “everyday”.

4: There’s stakes are real

Amateurs are only doing it for their own sake. But, Professionals are not like that. They have some selfless motivating factors such as helping their parents, educating children, helping society.

It is more real. They play in reality not on imagination.

5: They’re mastered and focus on how rather than what and why:

They build their skillsets. They strive to master their technique not on defining their purpose of writing or something. They much more focused on how.

If you thinking about what and why, it leads to overthinking. Then it blocking your workflow. Focus on your tone, skills, style and practice.

In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with that ( Find your why and what ). Because it gives you good feel and long term motivation. But, don’t turn it as a disturbing factor. That’s what professionals separates from amateurs. Ratio of time spending to both is important.

6: They’re doing even having fear

Amateurs are try to overcome their fear.But, professionals is not. Because……

Read this,

The amateur believes he must first overcome his fear; then he
can do his work. The professional knows that fear can never
be overcome. He knows there is no such thing as a fearless
warrior or a dread-free artist.

Got it. Thumbs up my friend.

7: They’re stay at work

They’re stay at work even though the thunder comes and attack on his pat. Failure comes, distraction comes but they stay at work.

Peoples comes through social media sites and begging for their attention but they stay at work.

These are the seven professional characteristics.

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Comment your resistance experiences

Stay Smart.



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