It is my first short story. May be, it is the shortest of the short story. I’ll sure you’re going to enjoy it. So, Read, think and enjoy.


He was woke up from the bed and sat down quietly. He was little bit confused but he don’t know why? Then he went to the kitchen and drank a little amount of water. Suddenly, something catches his eye. What is that? It is just a paper but not for him because he found something in that paper which is sentences. But it’s not just simply sentences. He start read that paper.

Please read this carefully. I am your neighbour. When I’m looking through a glass, I am shocked. Someone, get inside your house. I think he’s more dangerous. He saw your beautiful wife and start torturing her. I become more scared. So, I drank a water and written this letter. In short, your wife is under custody of that man or may be psycho.

This is just a small paper but it is thrilled him. His confusion state is skyrocketed. He suddenly realized, Oh my God! Where is my wife? He called his friend, John. But he doesn’t took the phone. He was really scared. He don’t know what to do.

He ran to his neighbour house but it was closed. He starts scolding his neighbour inside in his mind. He also recalled what John said about his neighbour. His neighbour is more of a helping mind. Even though, he’s ugly bachelor, his behaviour is beautiful. But, he’s struggling to be in the middle.

He suddenly comes to present and said, “I was unlucky. John was luckiest in every way”.

He starts searching everywhere. In the park, In the railway station, In the beach – all of his wife’s favourite places. He was searching like a mad. It is already evening. But he’s not like to tell about this matter to police.

He’s energy ran out. So, he returned back to his house. Surprisingly, there was one lady but it was not his wife. He wondered who is this at the same time, he mesmerized by her beauty. She saw him and said, Oh man where is those two bull shit people. He puzzled. He was jealous about her beautiful face and body. And he took knife, sliced the apples and ate that because, he love apple.

She was asking several question while she going to bathroom. Where is John? Where is his wife? I am a best friend of him but he doesn’t really care about my birthday?. She opened the door of bathroom and she was shocked because she found the John and his wife dead body. He was just behind her with a sharp knife and said, “I love you baby”. He killed and raped her.

He was suddenly comes into normal state of mind. He found the dead body. And he was scared and closed the bathroom. Then he drank a little amount of water, took a paper and wrote:

Please read carefully. I am your neighbour. I saw your friend in your house. At the same time, someone get inside of your house. He was torturing her. In short, your friend is under the custody of that man or may be psycho.

Then he was lying on the bed. Something is disturbed him. He found a key with blood stain in his pocket.


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