You can find lots of secrets of success from people. It’s not actually secret because they already found out. It’s their secret then why you want to bother about that?. They’re great because they found their secret. That converts into success. Your secret is just hidden in you. Your job is to look for. Be more alert. Whatever you do, be alert.

It’s hard to be alert unless you’re not reactive. Your mind is strongly conditioned by parents, elders, religion etc. The moment you understand that your action is not yours, it’s just reflection of your conditioned mind, you’ll be free. When you got freedom and be more alert to things. You can find your thing.

Successful people are not striving for money or fame. They found their hidden secret through that they create something worthwhile. That creation attracts money, fame etc. The money and fame belongs to the creator.

In Mastery, Robert Greene clearly says,

“ You possess a kind of inner force that seeks to guide you toward your Life’s Task – what you are meant to accomplish in the time that you have to live. In childhood this force was clear to you. It directed you toward activities and subjects that fit your natural inclinations, that sparked a curiosity that was deep and primal. In the intervening years, the force tends to fade in and out as you listen to more to parents and peers.”

So, the first thing, you should find your hidden secret. Understand who really you are. Drop all the conditions and be more alert your surrounding and your activities. You find some of the activities you like most. That means you find your function.

Start doing that sincerely. Start doing that purposefully. Don’t strive for success. Just do. You get a consequence of that. Don’t searching an ant, just put the sugar it comes. Do the thing you like most. Success comes as a consequence of your work.

Peoples are telling the method or rules or guidelines as a secret of success. It is work for them. It is useful to you unless you adjusted it for you. Those methods are support their hidden secret. Make those methods or insights for you. Then you can attract the success.

To summarize, find your inner calling or hidden secret and master that. Do that sincerely. It attracts lots of things that you actually want before. Learn from the best and adjust it for you. Not work for that, make it work for you.

In short, First find you hidden secret then only all secrets of success works for you.

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