Whenever people read a book, they try to become a writer. Whenever they listens a song, they want to become a musician or singer. Whenever they watch a movie, they want to become a filmmaker or actor/actress. This is what I call Inspiration disease.

Everyone affected by this disease, they grow themselves a different tree and worrying about that. First, peoples should understand they’re a unique seed. So, they’re unique tree. Don’t reject your own seed nature.

Don’t look outwards

To find out your own seed nature, don’t look outwards. Try to look inwards. Don’t compare your seed to another seed rather than see within you. So, start observing your own actions and urge.

Two things people should consider: activity and subject. What activity interests you most? What activity makes you forget yourself? What subject makes you curious? Which subject you want to taste whole day?

Ask above questions and answer it yourself. No self help gurus can tell you, only you. If you found, everything snaps in place. Because, you found the love exists in you. Be genuine. Don’t fall on inspiration disease. Clear your mind and answer those questions. Observation is a great way to answer those questions.

Experiment also helps you to find out which format is really interests. For Example: If I love writing then there is more than one format. Non fiction writing, Fiction, Copywriting, Screenwriting etc., Pick that by experimenting or by subject. If you love both writing and business then its good idea to choose a copywriting.

You can also pick a profession which is related to your interested activity and subject. For Example: If I love teaching and physics then I’m working to become a Physics professor.

Build your Competency

After, you found your interested activity and subject. Start your journey of learning and practicing. Devote your half of the time to develop your competency. You can devote, because you loves that.

As competency grows, your confidence and courage automatically uncovers. Yes, it covered before. Only, you can uncover that by building your competent level.

When you building your skillsets, you may notice certain skills not interests you but it is important for your chosen profession. So, Don’t ignore that because it is also important to transform your unique seed into tree.


When tree grows, it starts see stars, sun, moon and the whole universe. Dream comes as you grow. It’s not others dream, it’s your own dreams.

You’re working for to achieve those dreams rather than just dreaming about that. One thing, you should understand be a student always. Don’t stop learning because the moment you feel yourself a all known guy, you’ll become more egoistic. As you grow, you reach stars, moon.

Taking actions is another important aspect to grab your dreams and taste. Be an action taker. Grab opportunities and do your best. When you learn and work, your dream comes alive.


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