Everyone feels proud when they win. But, at that moment they magnifying the success and praises alone. This is where disaster starts. You should be aware that your efforts, talents, peoples brings you the success fruit.

The thing is when others praising your success you’re mind starts focusing on that thing. And it gives you a illusion that you’re the only reason for your success and you’re eligible to win anything in the world.

The Strongest poison ever knows, the poet William Blake wrote, “came from Caesar’s Laurel Crown”. Success casts spells over us

If you magnified then you stop the process of practicing, learning and maintaining relationships

In Ego is the Enemy, Ryan Holiday wrote,

Once you win everyone is gunning for you. It’s during your moment at the top that you can afford ego the least – because the stakes are so much higher, the margin of error are so much smaller. If anything , your ability to listen, to hear feedback, to improve and grow matter more now than before.

You should not lose those abilities. It’s an important one, it triggers your success rate even more. But, preserving that is hard when you win because of the magnifying effect. What to do is you should stretch your mind and starts thinking about other things that helped your success.

If I got good grades. There is a chance that I magnify my success more and lose the good abilities. To solve that, I starts thinking the other things – teachers, good books, friends who helped me. It loosen the tight magnification and it works as an antidote to the poison of success.

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