Leadership is the greatest asset people have. Most people think, I’m not in the organization then why I should acquire leadership skills. In, life everyone act as a leader in certain parts. If you’re in family then you’re the leader of your family.

In the Unemployed millionaire, Matt Morris said,

The secret trait is multiplier of success is Leadership

Everyone must be the leader,

“Leaders should have the ability to think clearly and point the peoples in right direction”

The good leader is someone who knows how to think better and manage the things very well without lot of worries.

In Ego is the Enemy, Ryan holiday shares one story,

“Merkel as a young girl, at a swimming lesson. She walked out on the diving board and stood there thinking about whether she should jump. Minutes ticked by. More minutes. Finally just as the bell marking the end of the lesson began to ring, she jumped. Was she afraid or cautious ? Many years later she would remind Europe’s leader during a major crisis. The fear is a bad advisor, As a kid on that diving board, she wanted to use every allotted second to make the right decision not driven by recklessness or fear.”

See the attitude of her. She’s not random but careful and sober. The leader should be calm and good decision maker.

Jack Welch, puts out how leader mindset should be,

“When you become a leader, success is all growing others. It’s about making the people who work for you smarter, bigger and bolder”

The thing is, as a leader one should think more about their community rather than him. He also said, “ Instead of think “How can I stand out ?” you want to think “How can I help my people do their jobs better?”

Abdul Kalam on characteristics of good leadership

“ A leader should be ready to give to others rather than expect others to give him; A leader should equipped to manage change; A leader should have nobility of heart; A leader should have vision and clear thinking and the capacity to be a facilitator”

We discuss about how leader should be internally. What mindset he should have ? How he approach peoples ?

But what about external factors ? As a leader he should project confidence. Every action is counts:

  • How you greet someone
  • Your posture
  • Your Voice
  • Your facial expressions
  • Your wrapping

Matt Morris gave some advice on this,

“ Stand tall, put your chest out, hold your head high, looking up, put a huge smile on your face, Jump up and down you’re not depressed because physiology of your body is producing chemicals that makes you feel happy”

These things makes you confidence and project you as a leader. You should also be persuasive so people can get into your vision and follows you. At the same time, you should give space for them.

You should listen to their ideas. It can create breakthrough and builds your reputation.

Be the good leader, friends.


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