I love humour. You know what? I am the humorous guy in my friend circle. They not denied this fact because if they deny that, poisonous substance affects them. Yes, my joke is a poisonous substance. It makes them feel like they’re in hell. It’s just an interesting boring joke. So, let’s get into history of humour.

I’m not going to giving the information like an history professor. Because, I know how it feels like. So, I’m going to give brief introduction about humour.

Firstly, Humour is a tendency of experiences or something that provoke laughter. Humour is a medicine, right. It gives you temporary enjoyment that makes you forget lots of problems. Be humorous, it becomes a permanent.

In Latin, humour means body fluid which is balancing the human body. Hippocrates said that if the fluid is become extreme or become deficient it shows of sign of illness. There are four humours in our body: Blood, Back bile, Yellow bile, phlegm. So, there are four body fluids. It is said that as long as you keep them balanced, you’re not fall into illness.

Four Humours:

Those four humours are related four temperaments:

Blood = Enthusiastic, social

Black Bile = If it becomes excess, then it cause depression

Phlegm = Apathetic behaviour

Yellow Bile = If it becomes excess, then it cause aggression

This means if you keep those four humours balanced then you can attain balanced temperament.

But, don’t ask me how to maintain a balance because I’m just a curious guy. I’m just giving another dimension of humour. Maybe by using this you may get a PhD in humour research ( It’s seems like joke but yes it is joke )

Different people laugh differently. Different ages of people laugh at different type of humour. For example: Children loves slapstick humour such as Tom and Jerry but they’re not mature enough to understand a satire.

What makes humour as a humour? When you take two ideas and makes them conflict, it creates laugh. I’m not trying to post-mortem the concept of humour. But, I want to make it clear. Understand something is not a sin.

In beningn violation theory, Peter Mcgraw said, “Humour only occurs when something seems wrong, unsettling or threatening, but simultaneously seems okay, acceptable or safe”. What Aristotle said is, ugliness does not disgust is fundamental to humour.

You’ve just come across, different views on what makes us laugh. If you dissect the jokes that makes you laugh, you can found how it make you laugh. It’s just an interesting activity. If you don’t like to do just laugh and be happy. It’s not an important (being happy is important) but it’s an interesting one.

Now, let’s get into neuroanatomy of humour…. It sounds boring but it’s not

There are two brain pathways. One is, Involuntary laughter (Duchenne laughter) which is a genuine smile. Another one is, Voluntary laughter (Non Duchenne laughter) which is fake smile i.e say cheese. First one is comes from limbic system which consists amygdale, thalamic area and brain stem. Second is comes from motor cortex, it is not a spontaneous rather than it is deliberate. My friends did voluntary laughter when I told joke. I know that, clearly.

Types Of Humour

There are actually different types of humour

Slapstick: By using body, making funny facial expressions. These are fall under slapstick type of comedy. For example: Tom and Jerry, Mr.Bean

Self Deprecating Joke: It needs some form of courage. Self deprecation means making fun of themselves. Some people say it is a form of hiding their inferiority feeling. Anyway, it creates laugh. But, don’t make fun of others deficiency.

Wit Wordplay: As the name suggests, it is playing with the words. It’s interesting one. Sometimes, it is boring one. I’m more of a wordplay guy. For example: Why shouldn’t you write with a broken pencil? There’s no point.

Dark Comedy: It is dark, so I’m going to use a Wikipedia light. “Dark comedy is a comic style that makes light of subject matter that is generally considered taboo, particularly subjects that are normally considered serious or painful to discuss”.

For Example:

Dentist: This will hurt a little

Patients: Ok

Dentist: I’ve been having a affair with your wife for a while now.

Surreal Humour: It is a irrational and illogical one. For example: My friend said, “sticks and stones break my bones but words will never hurt me”. So I threw a dictionary at his face.

Where are you fit in this category?


Humour is important one in our life because it is evaporate our seriousness towards life. We should develop humorous side of ours. Without that you become a living zombie.

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