Peoples are great in following orders given by others. Most people treat us as a programmed doll. Understand that you have brain and you can think on your own. Start question, why am I doing this? Why I should do this? What is the reason?

Osho says, “The questioning attitude is the very base of all intelligence. The moment you stop asking why, you have stopped growing as far as intelligence is concerned”. Questioning opens up new paths.

Questioning the actions, people wants you to do is important one. If you’re not question that, then it may lead to big tragedy or you seem as a puppet.

But, don’t question the nature. Don’t use your intellectual to the nature. Enjoy that. When butterfly flies, just enjoy that, don’t reason out. It breaks the beauty of that butterfly. Scientist doing this often to extract secrets of the nature but it’s an onion peel.

Start Questioning the actions or orders you’re doing. Stop questioning towards nature.

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