Periyar is a great visionary. He tried to make lots of changes. He is one of the great supporters of feminism. He’s pure atheist. He rejects everything that is not match with his knowledge. I’m not going to write a lot. Instead, I’m going to share periyar words.

We rationalists do not totally reject the old. We have to take
the good. But it is important to evince interest in seeking good
and new things. Only then, we will be able to invent new things.
The society will not progress
Why are we born? Why should any one struggle for food, when
we have a world rich in all resources? Why should people die?These
questions were once staggering the human mind. But today it is
not so. Many things are exposed correctly in the rational way
nowadays. This trend will one day, not only reform the society but
also revolutionalise it. A time will come, when there will be no
money in the form of coin. No political governance will ensure.
No one need to strive hard. There will be no job that will be deemed
mean. There may not be a government vested with full power as
we have now. There will be no slavery at all. There will be no need
to depend on others for sustenance. Women will not require special
protection, safeguards and support.

Here, he talk about how rationalism reveal things.

Wars as waged now, would not take place in that world. People
will not be forced to lose their lives in wars, plunders and murders.
There will be no unemployed people, struggling hard for food and
jobs. People may seek jobs only with the motive of keeping a healthy body. Rare articles, wonderful sights and scenes, worthy
exhibitions, would be easily available for all people to enjoy. There
will be no money lenders, private businessmen, industries and
private concerns dominated by capitalists. There will be no agents,
brokers and middlemen seeking profit
The Navy, Army and Air force would be an anachronism in the
cooperative world state of the future. Warships and arms meant to
destroy the population will not exist. The task of seeking a job for
livelihood would be very easy and within the reach of every human
being. Pleasures would increase in leaps. The longevity of man
would go on increasing by fresh research. Whatever might be the
phase of increase of the population, the efforts and time needed to
produce the necessities for life would be minimised.
knowledge is advancing fast. As such in the new world to come, it
will be enough for a man to work only for two weeks, to secure the
necessities needed for one full year


The idea of god does not arise suo moto. It is a process of faith
which is conveyed and preached to the youngsters by the elders. In
` The World to Come ‘, the people who speak about god and the
betrayers would vanish. Even if glimpses of god prevails, it would
disappear in due course. Man thinks about god out of sheer necessity.
If the intricacies involved in every issue are known, if human needs
are satisfied with due provision of the requirements without
difficulties, no necessity would arise to anyone to think about god
and its design. If a man lives in the so called heaven-like
environment, no need would arise in him to think and believe in
heaven which is contrary to science and research. No need for him
to aspire to abode the so called heaven. When there is no room for
the rising of need, it tolls the death knell of god. That is the peak
of intellectual supremacy. There is no space for god in the spread
of science and development
If man is able to realise himself, he needs no god. If man deems
this world as heaven for him, he will not believe the fantastic heaven
above and the hell below. If people have the awakening they will
not accept anything that is irrational. Where there are no wants
there god is dead! Where science triumphs there god is buried.
One should gain knowledge and change himself. That is the order
of the world. If one does not probe the reasons, he quietly shelters
himself under the tree of ignorance summoning god to his help!
Such a state of affairs would be absolutely unsuited to the world to


Today the blind faith in the old customs, rituals etc., has made
them unthinking and irrational. They have put a hurdle in the
progress of the world. It is quite natural that the vested interests
who have much to gain by these old senseless things, are opposed
to the creation of a new world of happiness, peace, progress and
plenty. Yet it is those who boldly combat the ignorance of the people
and the selfish interests of the vested interests who would be able
to carve out a new world. Let us join and strengthen the ranks of
the creators of the new world. It is for the youths and rationalists
to bestow their thoughts, energy and efforts for the creation of a
new world to come.

I hope you love this. One of things I’m always say is figure out everything by yourself, don’t blindly follow everyone.

What is your thoughts and opinions about Periyar words ?  Comment it


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