I believe, if you’re present in this current moment, that one action solves every problem such as stress, anxiety, depression etc. Mostly, Psychological problems come when you’re thinking about the past or future. But, when you’re in present, your thinking will stop that means you’re just living. If you attain this, mind becomes slave and you’re become the master.

Osho talks about the past,

Go on dying every moment to the past. It is finished. There is no need event to label it good or bad. The only thing to know is: it is finished, it is no more.

He also talks about the future,

Never think of the past, because you’re wasting the present, which is the only real thing in your hands. And never think of the future, because nobody knows how tomorrow is going to be, what tomorrow is going to be, how it is going to turn out, where you are going to land – you cannot imagine.

He emphasizes living in moment,

Remain in the moment, true to the moment, utterly here now, as if there has been no yesterday and there is going to be no tomorrow – only then can you be here now totally. And that totality of being in the present joins you with existence, because existence knows no past, no future. It is always here now.


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