I strongly believe don’t drop your dream because of others also called as naysayers. They can’t able to extend your time. Everyone knows, if you always thinking about other people’s opinions then your life going downwards.

I want to say two important things that everyone had in their life,

1: One’s Dream, Needs and Wants

2: Love others, Help others

I believe these two things makes one’s life complete. If they just become so selfish and always thinking about themselves it leads to some kind dissatisfaction and sadness. The Masterpiece movie, There will be blood pointed out this point perfectly.

If you just avoid your dreams and just loving everyone then it also leads to dissatisfaction because you want to become something but you don’t. You may not get into your dreams because of other people’s opinion, it shows the stupidity. Because those who are criticize you can’t able to remove your dissatisfaction during you lying on the bed.

I want to say simple thing: Be Happy when you’re in death bed.

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