There are countless blogs which makes you effective person. I’m read several blogs. I pick you 5 blogs that I most like. I inspired lot from them. Read and enjoy those blogs. ( I put their blog and their own description ).

1: Farnam Street – Mastering the Best Of What Already Figured Out

This blog combine the diverse topics into a single one. This definitely challenges your thinking. It also focused on efficient reading.

” Farnam Street (FS) is devoted to helping you develop an understanding of how the world really works, make better decisions, and live a better life. We address such topics as mental models, decision making, learning, reading, and the art of living.

In a world full of noise, Farnam Street is a place where you can step back and think about time-tested ideas while asking yourself questions that lead to meaningful understanding. We cover ideas from science and the humanities that will not only expand your intellectual horizons but also help you connect ideas, think in multidisciplinary ways, and explore meaning.”

2: Scott H Young

What he tells about his blog:

” What is the ideal way to live?

This blog started as a series of philosophical ramblings I used to try to answer this question. I’ve written over 1000 articles, and a few free ebooks and guides exploring what it means to get more from life. The theme of posts ranges from productivity to learning to the meaning of life.

More recently, the blog has narrowed to ask: what’s the best way to learn?

This question has formed the basis of much of my later writing because I believe learning is the key to living well. This pursuit has even led me to take on two year-long experiments in learning: The MIT Challenge, where I attempted to learn MIT’s 4-year computer science curriculum without taking classes, and The Year Without English, where I went with a friend to learn four languages in one year.”

3: Cal Newport – Decoding Patterns Of Success

He is author of several books – Deep Work, So Good They Can’t Ignore You, How to become a Straight A Student. His blog is devoted to study hacks and technological stuff. He introduced some of the great concepts that makes you an effective learner and productive person. In book How to become a Straight A student, He interviewed A students and he reveal the secrets of him

4: James Clear

What he says

” This website is the home of my life’s work. I write about habits and human potential. The central question I’m trying to answer through my work is, “How can we live better? ”

” I write about the art and science of how to live better. Science because I am concerned with the root causes of our behavior and the data behind high performance. Art because I want to figure out how to apply these ideas and put them into daily practice.

But I don’t merely write about things. Along the way, I like to try out the concepts for myself as I experiment with building better habits as an entrepreneur, writer, and weightlifter. In the end, my work ends up being one-part storytelling, one-part academic research, one-part personal experiment. It’s a colorful blend of inspirational stories, academic science, hard-earned wisdom. ”

5: Zen Habits

” Zen Habits is about finding simplicity and mindfulness in the daily chaos of our lives. It’s about clearing the clutter so we can focus on what’s important, create something amazing, find happiness. ”

Zen Habits is focused on habits. Habits are the building blocks of our life. He give several ideas on how to do this.






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