That is my first day of college

I’m little bit nervous about that. But, soon it is gone. Because of my parents advice, I’m ruminating that in my mind. My brain is busy to absorbing that advice so it forgot the nervousness.

Every parent is giving advice to their dear children.

Like that, John Graham who is self made merchant giving advice to his son Pierrepont through letters. Each letters is filled with lots of advice and wisdom. Pierrepont lucky to consumed that. But Today we also have that opportunity.

In this article, I’m just show the sprinkle of advices from that.

On College Education

There are two parts of a college education – the part that you get in the schoolroom from the professors, and the part that you get outside of it from the boys. That’s the really important. For the first can only make you a scholar, while the second can make you man.

Professors are teaching the concepts from the book. That makes you smarter and scholar. But from your fellow friends you can learn life lessons. You encounter many type of peoples such as true, fake or evil people and also the many type of events such as love, breakup etc., This hurts you but it actually sculpting you.
In former you learn the concepts from the others. In latter you create your own concepts of life. Be the great scholar and human being.

Also he says,

The first thing that any education ought to give a man is character, and the second thing is education

Character precedes education.

On Spending

The sooner you adjust your spending to what your earning capacity will be, the easier they will find it to live together

Understand your earnings and spend according to that. Spend wisely, just focus on what you really want and cut others ridiculously

On Procrastination

Putting off an easy thing makes it hard, and putting off an hard one makes it impossible

This one line says most important thing. Procrastination is slowly steal your success rate. Don’t Procrastinate. At the same time is human nature. So the thing is manage your energy, focus on important tasks and do that.

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