Reality is see things as it is. But most people not in reality. They just live in illusion world. They tweaking the things for their own interests rather than seeing things as it is. There are two barriers: One is you and another is society.

First, be honest with yourself. If you’re not honest then you fall. Your lying is the device of delusion. If you’re lying you’re deluded by yourself. That puts you in wrong path. After the lots of trial and errors you come to realize, your lie is a seed. This seed grows into you a misery tree.

In Farnam street podcast, Naval Ravikant says,

“The moment you tell somebody else something that’s not honest, you’ve lied to yourself. Then you’ll start believing your own lie. Then that will disconnect you from reality and take you down the wrong road”

But, I want to say one thing, Integrate honesty in your character and use lying as a tool. Use it when it is need. Use it for moral purposes. For Example: Just Imagine this scenario. Big bad guy is following a 12 year old girl. His motive is something wrong. That 12 year old girl hide somewhere, you know where she hides. What you say to that Big Bad Guy. Are you say true or lie?

If you say a truth in that place, then truth loses its meaning. If you say lie then it helps that girl. But, remember treat it as a tool. Truth and lie are the sides of the same coin. Balancing is a key.

Little rule: Don’t lie about yourself. For example: If you’re actually an introvert but for some sake you say you’re an extrovert. Then you believe you’re an extrovert ( a phony one ) then it produce a lot trouble. So, Be yourself.

And an another one is you creating some notions by yourself about something. Later, it is disturbs you and twisting the reality.

Naval Ravikant says,

“The Number One thing that clouds us from being able to see reality is that we have preconceived notions of the way it should be”

The Next Barrier is the society. The society gives you lot of conditions, rules and more. Your mind is slowly lose from you and owned by other peoples. Whatever you’re doing, the voices of  society, religion, parents, guides you. It’s not actually guiding, its destroying. So your job is shut these inner voices and be more conscious.

Consciousness is the real key. You should aware of your presence and environment. Your mind is running on that time. Don’t try to suppress the thoughts instead let it go. If you become more conscious, your true self comes out. Your full potential comes out. You begin seeing the things as it is.

And, most important one: Optimism and Pessimism. Peoples say you should optimist. Drop that idea. The moment you try to see things positive, negative arises in you. The key thing is see the reality and do according that. If you’re business guy, you’re new product fails to sell. You may make it is positive by saying it is just a beginning or temporary one. Don’t do that, instead accept that your product fails. Then only you start seeing why it is fails. And start tweaking things on the way.

“Abraham Lincoln once asked one of his secretaries, “If you call a tail a leg, how many legs does a horse have?”. “Five” replied the secretary. “No”, said the president, “The answer is four. Calling a tail doesn’t make it a leg”


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