I love to do work. Because, that gives me a real happiness and peace. Sigmund Freud said, Work and Love are the keys to happiness.

When I do work. One guy comes and reduce my productivity. That guy name is Distraction.

He’s having two forms:

1: Internal Distractions: Distractions comes from within you

2: External Distractions: Distractions comes from outside

3 Tips to Avoid Internal Distractions:

1: Paper pool:

This is not a fancy technique. Its a simple one. When you sit down to work, lots of things running in your mind. You can’t kill your brain.

Instead, take a paper and write everything that comes in your mind before get into work. Keep it with you. When you’re doing work, something may comes in your mind. Just note it down.

2: Exercise:

Exercise have a lots of benefits. It makes you engaged in your work. Atleast, Do 30 minutes of exercise daily. So, you can avoid the tiredness.

3: Meditation:

Mainly, Meditation is a practice which is tries separate yourself from the distracting world. It improves your focus and helps you keep your mind at peace.

There are a lots of meditations techniques there. The simple form of meditation is

1:Relax your body and sit down

2: Close your eyes

3: Focus on your breathing pattern

3 Tips to Avoid External Distraction:

1: Use your Phone:

Phone is the main source of distractions in today’s life. But you can’t say phone is a evil creation. Its also have a advantages. The main thing is, treat your phone as a servant not your master.

I recommend you to use the Forest app. For, Android and iOS.

2: Switch Off the T.V

T.V is another main source of distraction. So, Switch it off. Use the 80/20 rule. We’re normally don’t watch all shows and movies. So, Just scheduled to watch certain shows and movies.

3: Social:

Take a board and write Don’t Disturb me. Then, put that infront of you or hang it in your room door. So, peoples don’t disturb you. If they again disturbs you, give them some work from your work. Then, they even not disturbing in their dreams.

I feel it helps you.

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