Hello friends, I decided to share my favorite articles and books on every friday. Those articles and books helps you to conquer college and life. I know you’ve had a lot of work. Because of that, I just filter the most important articles and books. I feel it helpful to you


1: How to Ace your finals without studying: “The system I use for learning I’m going to call holistic learning. But in order to fully appreciate what holistic learning is, you need to take a look at it’s opposite – compartmentalized learning. Virtually all learning is done somewhere between completely holistic and completely compartmentalized learning. Although people rarely sit exactly on one extreme, people who are close towards learning through compartments will need to cram and study for hours just to hope for a pass where people who lean more to holistic learning can often breeze through heavy course loads.”

2: The Career Craftsman Manifesto: ” Career advice has fallen into a terribly simplistic rut. Figure out what you’re passionate about, then follow that passion: this idea provides the foundation for just about every guide to improving your working life. ”

3: The Ultimate Networking Guide For Introverts : ” Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert – whether your idea of a good time is going to a huge party or brewing tea and reading Astonishing X-Men in your room (clearly the correct answer because Whedon wrote it) – you need to know how to build and maintain relationships with people. ”

4: 6 Must-Follow Money tips for College Students: ” College can be expensive, but learning the basics when it comes to money management now means you don’t have to graduate with massive debt. Laying the groundwork for smart budgeting and spending habits in college enables you to handle responsibility and learn the value of accountability – lessons that are just as important as knowing microeconomic theory. ”

5: The Ultimate Guide to Making Smart Decisions : ” In life and business, the person with the fewest blind spots wins1. Removing blind spots means we see, interact with, and move closer to understanding reality. We think better. And thinking better is about finding simple processes that help us work through problems from multiple dimensions and perspectives, allowing us to better choose solutions that fit what matters to us. The skill for finding the right solutions for the right problems is one form of wisdom. ”


The Productivity Project: Author Chris Bailey says, Productivity means how much you accomplished. He says that Time, Energy and Attention are the components of productivity. He divided the book into eight parts. It contains full of helpful tips that increases your productivity. It’s one of my favourite books in the category of productivity.

That’s all my friends. Stay Smart.


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