Hi guys, Today also I got five articles. I hope you’ll enjoy.

1: How to encourage someone in 3 steps : “Here’s the secret to encouraging people you won’t hear from 99.9% of life coaches and self-help books:You can only encourage someone if they want it.

2:The Productive Benefits of Journaling (plus 11 ideas for making the habit stick) : “The key to learning is to stop passively consuming information and start actively engaging with the ideas we encounter. Think about the student who writes down what her professor says verbatim, versus the student who summarizes the information in her own words and then connects it back to concepts she’s learned before: Who do you think learns more?”

3: 5 Essential Ingredients for Building a Lifelong Creative Practice : “If there’s one thing that all of my friends who are prolific creators have in common, it’s that they approach their creative work as a practice. It’s something they do on a regular basis, regardless of whether they’re writing a blog post, trying to meet a deadline for a book, or producing something for one of their clients. Even if they don’t necessarily have an outcome in mind, they engage in their practice.”

4: Double Loop Learning: Download New Skills and Information into Your Brain : “Double loop learning is part of action science — the study of how we act in difficult situations. Individuals and organizations need to learn if they want to succeed (or even survive). But few of us pay much attention to exactly how we learn and how we can optimize the process.”

5: 12 Language Experts Share 12 Tips to Learn a Language Faster :  ” learning a language, like any skill, has already been learned from language experts around the world, who have revealed some of their best kept learning secrets. By modeling someone who has achieved what we want, we can learn from their mistakes, and get to our end result much faster. ”

That’s it guys, Enjoy.

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