Do not reveal what you have thought upon doing, but by wise council keep it secret being determined to carry it into execution



One Guy tells to his relatives about his dreams. He wants to direct a movie. He received varied comments. One said, “It is good”. And other one said, “No, it is not good, go get a job”. Now, he completely confused.

You may have thought upon doing something it is either small or big one. If an action is really important for you and you very sure about that then don’t reveal that. If you reveal that, you let peoples to confuse you. Don’t give that chance. If you give that, your brain gets lots of rubbish.

One criticizes you and other one compliments you. Don’t allow both of them. Criticizing decrease your confidence. Compliments gives you sense of achievement feeling. That feeling decrease your activities on that specific goal.

Pretend it is like a secret mission. Write out that in paper and keep it secret. Do not reveal that. But, the exception is you can ask some advices from the person who knows the stuff. It gives you good guidance.

Start acting towards that. There is nothing non achievable for a determined person. If you’re determined on something, you can achieve that even lot of things against you. Be determined to execute that.

So, Don’t be the shouter instead silently pursue your project. Then you get a lot of noises. Those noises were mostly compliments. I call it noise consciously, beware of that. It hypnotizes you.


Before leave you, I want to tell you one thing. The story in the beginning, I told you about one guy. That one guy is not a comical one, it’s me.

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