I love to walk. Because its healthy for my body also for my eyes.

Eyes..? Yes

When I walk I see a lot of beautiful things. Those are created by Nature. Also I see the variety of the emotions expressed by the peoples. From babies to Old Peoples.

I just love to see when baby cries. I’m not a sadist but that is cute one, right. Some peoples walk confidently and some peoples sit on the bench very sadly. There is a lot of emotions right.

Where it is comes from ?

I don’t know the exact address but I know vague one. It is Life. In the pathway of life lot of people absorbs different things that produce different expressions in people’s face. They perceive the life as a monster also an angel.

But One thing is clear, Life is always testing you. The one who pass the test, have the smile on their face. And, One who failed the test, have a sprinkles of water in their face. On the way you can increase your ability or distracted by something else.

Yes, Life is a testing machine. If you failed in one of the tests that doesn’t mean you’re eligible for life. That is the wrong mindset. Life throws you lot of tests.

But the thing, it is not have the ability to reduce your value, remember that

I want to tell you one story,

In university lecture, There is 200 students. Lecturer come and take a 20 pound from his pocket. And he said who want this 20 pound. Everyone raised their hands. He fold the note and he ask who wants. This time also everyone raised their hand. And he crunched it and he again asked who want this everyone raised their hand. He then put the note in the floor and crunched it with his feet. Its dirty. And he asked you want this.Still everyone raised their hand. He then said one important lesson even the note is crunched it doesn’t lose it value. So even life is crunched you. Your talents,strengths,knowledge,blessings doesn’t vanish.It still there your job is persist until you get there.


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