First I admit that I’m shy. When you see you a shy person, you may like it because they’re so cute. Believe me, I’m also cute. When they see a new person, they begin feel uncomfortable. They’re mostly introvert. I’m one of them. But, the thing my shyness only expresses cuteness, it not works as a destruction factor.

I admit if I’m wrong at something. I boldly say if I don’t know something. I’m having enough courage to say my opinion to others.

Most people are seems as courage because they’ve the ability to talk to a new person. But, if they don’t know something, they’re become shy to say that. Also, they don’t try new things because of fear.

What I’m saying is be the person who admit anything boldly that’s where progress starts. Be the person who expressing your opinions. Be the person who challenge others assumptions or opinions. Be the person who tries new things courageously.

I’m shy but I’m not allows that to destructs me. Shy itself have a beauty, you can see that in babies like me. But, don’t let it destructs you.

Just express both these qualities at least not have a destructive shyness.

I want to ask you one question: Where you see when others approach you?


My answer is floor

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