In this post, I’m just introduce a chanakya way of thinking. He’s the great advisor. He’s the great thinker and strategist.

We should be a good thinker and decision maker to lead our life in a better. In the Inside the Chanakya Mind,

If we know how to use our minds we can succeed in anything that we do. Life is nothing but a mental game. Understand the mind and enjoy the game

We should know how to effectively use our mind. And how to think in better way. If we know our brain faults, we can’t avoid it but we can recognize that. We should know how to systematically think.

Chanakya learns everything in more depth. He drill down any subject and uncovering new insights. It’s a great process. It’s where originality comes from.

He’s more systematic thinker and create a well planned strategies to achieve things. He’s not random thinker. It’s a danger one.

He consider knowledge is the important asset.

“For Chanakya, knowledge was wealth. Knowledge was his greatest weapon, knowledge was his greatest asset, knowledge was his strength and knowledge was his greatest power. He said, ‘If I have knowledge, I can create many emperors.’”

But it’s not good only consuming knowledge. We should organize that in a way that helps us. Convert the knowledge into practical ones is the great practice and worthwhile

“Theory being put into practice is the best form of knowledge implementation.”

How you can become better thinker ?

First and foremost one is, understand your own thinking. You should understand your biases and the process of your thinking. What shortcuts you use while thinking. So, we need to do two things: One is understand our biases and adding new mental tools and process in our brain.

Next we need to understand the thinking of others. Most of the biases were same one. But, we need to understand their goals and needs that acts in their thinking. It’s not for manipulating but become a good leader and maintaining good relationships.

I’m already said, this is just an introduction. In future, I write more about this. So, we can become a good thinkers and decision makers.


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