We don’t know about future. Most people setting goals to achieve. If you think about more on future, you may lose today. Everyone should focus on each and every day. And make it more effective.

If you make each day effective it leads you to the right direction. That direction leads you to the goals you want to achieve. Just Imagine, What happens if each day become an effective one ?

I tried more things. I applied lot elements in my day. I’m going to share you six elements that make your day effective.


1: Journaling

Journaling in morning is set your day. It primes your brain. Writing out the things you may face and experience. And writing out your priorities organizes your day.

What are the goals you have? What are the obstacles you may face today? How to handle the things? What type of peoples you may face today? What your response to everything?

These are the questions you meditate on. The whole point of journaling is set you mind for “today”.

Take a paper and do this kind of mental exercise. Have a time to thinking about your day. If you prepared for your day inwardly then you’re not distracted throughout the day

2: Create A To-do List

I’m not going to say download the lot of productivity applications in your phone. Technology is cool until it controls you. Instead, tear a little paper and write a 4-5 things. Promise yourself, “ I must completes this “. Then, Put your heads down and working towards that.

I should say 4-5 things are enough for a day. Don’t add few more tasks. Don’t trick yourself. Just finish those tasks and let your mind relax.

Don’t feel that you have a lot of work. Having a to do list and complete those makes you move forward rather than thinking about what I should do next.

Ryan holiday wrote,

“ Every day have a to-do list. Even on the weekends. Not because it’s about drowning yourself in work, but so you can always be moving forward. Check the stuff off, don’t wing it”

3: Knowledge Hour

It’s may seem like a fancy term. It means learn something relative to your profession or life for an hour. There are three ways to consume knowledge: Reading a book, articles or listening a podcast or watching a youtube videos

Whatever you do be attentive to that. Absorb knowledge and wisdom. It improves you day by day.

Charlie Munger said,

“Step by Step you get ahead, but not necessarily in fast spurts. But you build discipline by preparing for fast spurts. Slug it out, one inch at a time, day by day. If by the end of the day you live long enough, most people get what they deserve”

Learn little day by day. It works an exponential way of growth. It improves your profession and life.

4: Exercise

My cousin is walking here and there. I’m just sitting aside and said, “ Why are you walking like a hell”. He replied, “ I don’t want to be lazy boy like you”. It’s a shame for me.

The point is do some form of exercise. Walk or pushups or pick up a dumbbells. Do something that makes you active.

After my cousin said like that I’m walk with him. So, hereafter he can’t say like that.

Do the exercise and don’t let your cousin or kid said like that.

5: Entertainment Bunch

Have an entertainment at the end of the day. Go to movies or play a game or read a novel. Do something that kindles your enjoyment.

It’s an operant conditioning. If the activity is guided by rewards, it’s likely happen in future. If you give a entertainment reward. Then, you work like a hell tomorrow also.

Anyway, we’re humans right.

6: Gratitude journal

It’s a simple habit. Before you’re going to sleep, write three things that you gratitude for. It increases your happiness rate and decreases your ego rate.

Even research says, keeping a gratitude journal is increases you happiness. It’s not a big habit to install in your life. It’s tiny one but powerful one. Don’t underestimate this.

Be the one who embrace even the small ones.


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