Procrastination is one of the enemies in our life. But we still love that big bad guy. The Reason is because we love short term pleasures than long term achievements. Facebook beats the studies because we give importance to facebook  than studies. Procrastination is pulls you to do something that give instant pleasure. But you can control that. After all it comes from within you. You can divert into something else by employing several tactics.

I’m going to give you a 5 tactics that have to ability to overcome procrastination.


Marathon guys doesn’t procrastinate that much because they know their endf line of achievement. They want to experience that. This desire delve into their mind deeply. So they become laser focused guys. How you can become like that ? The Answer is simple. Just Imagine, Who you want to become in future ?, What do you really want ?. You should know where you want to go. It should be in detail.

You should have desire for that. Then you will see some changes in your life. Procrastination become less because you embrace long term thing than short term thing.


Its a simple time management technique. You can easily beat the procrastination by employing this technique. It needs timer that’s it. It consist only three steps

1: Set 25 minutes: Take the timer in your phone or something else and set 25 minutes. And tell yourself, ” I’m going to working on this specific task until the completion of 25 minutes”.

2: Take Break: After 25 minutes is finished, take 5 minutes break

3: After you complete 25 minutes about four times, take a long break (10-15 minutes)

Its a simple way to overcome procrastination.


Pick the current boring task and break down into simpler components. Each component should be easier. Perceiving the task in a components way is much easier to do. Instead of ” Write Essay” break down that by “Pick Topic”, “Find Research Materials”, “Create Notes”, “Write Thesis”.


Imagine, What you get after you complete this task ?. For example: If you’re doing cooking, imagine how  the end result of cooking looks like. Imagine you’re tasting that and everyone praises you about that then you will automatically start cooking. Knowing the Rewards and experiencing that makes you do the task without interruption.

Still, you find it difficult.Imagine, What happens if you didn’t complete the task ?. Take the previous example, if you you’re not doing cooking, everyone in your family feel the hunger including you. Feel that pain. It is actually based on pain avoidance theory.

This is my handy tool when comes to overcome procrastination.


This is pretty straightforward. Clear out everything on your study desk except books and notes. So, you don’t have another choice to do except studying. So its just a simple method. Choices confuses you, if you reduce that into one, it’s easier to get into that particular task.

These are the 5 tactics. It’s simple and effective.

Which one tactic you like most?





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