Learning is my passion. I love to learn lot of things. I believe some of the things that drives me to learn things. So, I’m going to share that. I’m also going to say how to tap those five drives. Learning actually fun but most people don’t like that. Because, they equate the learning into grades and school. First and Foremost thing is change your perspective of learning.

In one interview, Scott h young shares his perspective of learning:

” I’ve always had a deep curiosity as to how the world works. For me, it’s almost a spiritual interest, if a secular person like myself can claim to have such interests. I feel like we’re born into this world blind and ignorant, and it’s through learning that we achieve master over surroundings and understanding as to who we are and the world we live in.

Install this mindset in your mind and you automatically value the learning. Also, Learning is more than the grades.

1: Curiosity

If you develop the deep curiosity, it drives you to learn things. Boredom is one of the enemies of learning. Curiosity have the ability to kill the boredom. It urge you to learn. You can’t even sit, it makes you learn so much more. Have curiosity towards subject, world or anything. It makes your brain hunger. So, the brain starts eating rather than resisting.

How to tap that ? Its simple one, start questioning everything. Albert Einstein says, ” The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing “. Its also the better way to activate the brain. If you ask yourself questions, the brain start searching for answers.

2: Money

What ? You may wonder. But its the real one. Don’t see it as a evil. Anyway, money is important one in life. Who earns more ? The person who have the lot of great and rare skills. So, if you want to make more money, you need those skills, right.

The process of taping this is asking yourself several questions. How much I want to earn in 1 minute ? and What are the skills that gets me there ?. So, you conditioned your brain, right. Its give you a deep desire to learn. Have some materialistic goals, its not a bad one. But, you should remember one important drive. Keep on reading.

3: Challenge

In your life, some may insulted you. There are broadly two different approaches, people’s take when they’re humiliated. One is crying and dwell in ocean of sadness. And another is, urge to prove that they’re wrong. Latter approach is the great one. It drives you to learn a lot of new things.

To tap this, remember the event that you insulted. Most people have atleast one. If you don’t have one, challenge yourself to prove something to the world.

4: Freedom

If you learn the skills better, you don’t need to depend on other person. If you know the learning techniques and strategies, you don’t need a tutor that much. If you acquired lot of knowledge and skills, you set free. You should experience those feeling. What are the barriers you have and learn the related skills to overcoming that. Overcoming process is actually tap the freedom drive.

5: Society Betterment

This is the important as I mentioned above. If you educating yourself for the improvement for poor people. I bet, it is the greatest drive in you. Learn for society betterment. Its give you a strong reason to learn more. I beg you to tap this, What’s your ambition ? How its going to help the peoples and society ?. Answer this questions and internalize that in your mind. Read it more and more until it sticks in your mind.

It also balances the materialistic goals. Peoples may see you as a materialistic person. But you know that you’re working for society betterment.

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