The egoist not stumble about, knocking things off his desk. He does not stammer or drool. No, instead he become more and more arrogant and some people not knowing what is underneath such an attitude, mistake his arrogance for a sense of power and self confidence

Ryan Holiday

Ego is the Enemy


Ego is the worst enemy in your life. Most enemies are just outside but ego is in inside. Ego is lives in you. You only feed that to grow bigger and bigger. It is actually your pet. But, it is not save you, it destructs you.

It not only destructs your career path also your relationships and total life. It also destructs other peoples. Your Ego kills you and others both physically and mentally. Peoples put the big board called Beware of Dog in front of their house if they have dog. You should have a board called Beware of Ego not only outsiders also for you.

What food grows your ego? It’s the food called pride. Every time you feel proud yourself or think of yourself as a pride one, you feed the ego. First and Foremost rule is: You should focus on your actions rather than Imagination.

Here are the 3 possible ways you can reduce your Ego

1: Contrast Bias:

Imagine you have two balls. First ball weighs around 10kg and second one is 1kg. When you lift the first ball before lifting the second one, you feel that second ball weight less than its actual weight. It actually a bias, it may distort the reality. But, it is useful when it comes to reduce your ego.

If you win at something, you begin to feel proud of you. It is human nature but a darker one. Imagine a great people achievements and return to your achievement, it seems simple. It gives you fuel to produce more things rather than delve into your current achievement.

Be happy but don’t allow the pride. It is a dangerous beautiful monster. Pride projects a minor accomplishment into major man.

2: Stay on Learning Process:

Ego comes only when you feel you know everything in your respective field. Be a lifelong learner. Read books or practice a new skill. When you know more and more, you realize that you’re not known much. So, it not allows the pride in you.

In Ego is the Enemy, Ryan Holiday wrote,

A true student is like a sponge. Absorbing what goes on around him, filtering it, latching on to what he can hold. A student is self-critical and self motivates always trying to improving his understanding so that he can move on to the next topic. There is no room ego for there.

Be a student. Always stay on the learning curve. Improve yourself day by day consistently. Don’t put the full stop rather than put comma after comma.

3: Be More Conscious

The enemy of darkness is light. If the light comes in, darkness start disappears. Ego is a dark one but it is inside you. Consciousness is the light, inner light. If you become more and more conscious, you starts bind in the reality. You feel more present. Ego slowly disappears.

It is an important one. Be more conscious on what you do, what you think and what you feel. It is not only destroys the ego also the relatives of that. If you’re a conscious person, there is no superiority or inferiority only celebration and happiness.


Sorry Dog, I compared you with Ego.

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