Chanakya way of Thinking

Reading Time: 2 minutesIn this post, I’m just introduce a chanakya way of thinking. He’s the great advisor. He’s the great thinker and strategist. We should be a good thinker and decision maker to lead our life in a better. In the Inside the Chanakya Mind, If we know how to use our Read more…

By Dinesh Pandya, ago

How To Avoid Distractions

Reading Time: 2 minutesI love to do work. Because, that gives me a real happiness and peace. Sigmund Freud said, Work and Love are the keys to happiness. When I do work. One guy comes and reduce my productivity. That guy name is Distraction. He’s having two forms: 1: Internal Distractions: Distractions comes Read more…

By Dinesh Pandya, ago

Swami Vivekananda On Religion

Reading Time: 7 minutesSwami Vivekananda is one of my idols. I love him very much. Before telling you about what he said on religion. I like to give you two advice. One from his father and another one is from Vivekananda. From his Father Never show surprise at anything From Vivekananda Do not Read more…

By Dinesh Pandya, ago