I heard a lot of productivity advice. I’m also applied several of them. Half of them worked. Half of them utter waste..

I just picked twenty of them. Do Experiments with it and you’ll see the results. Lets get into that.

1: Just 3 things

Our mind is always in working mode. That jumps into one place and another place like a monkey. Unsuccessful people just thinking about lot of things to do. But Successful people take some of them and actually complete that.

Don’t put your mind in infinite mode. We like to be lazy because we’ve lot of things to do but don’t know where to start. So, In morning go through your task list or think about what is the most important things to do today. Pick out only 3 important ones and put into paper. Only focused on those tasks throughout the day. If you finish the task, check off that and move to next one .

If you finished the 3 tasks. Congratulate yourself!

2: Preinvolvment

Its just a simple technique to avoid procrastination. Before doing the task, just imagine about how to do that. What are the steps you’re going to taken ? How you’re going to do that ?. Create a story from that and repeat that in your mind. Then you’re mind becomes clear focused lens.

3: Ask Why ?

Motivation is good thing. But most peoples forget the purpose of doing certain thing. So, they lose their motivation. Ask Why ? and list out 3 strong reasons for that. Then you’re motivation level automatically increase.

4: Be Prepared

What are things you need to do the task ? Get that immediately. Don’t Procrastinate. Before doing any task prepare for that. Also think through the goal or task and see the potential obstacles. And try to break that before get into that task

5: Avoid Distractions

There are two types of Distraction: Internal distraction and External Distraction. Internal distractions is an urge to do something inside you. To clear that, take a paper and describe your internal feelings. Its work as a full stop. External distractions is something disturbs you from outside such as T.V, Phone. Just Clear that and get into your task.

6: Avoid Mental Junk Food

Lot of junk is revolve around the internet and T.V. Don’t exposed on that. Use your brain for absorbing real food and doing important cognitive activities. Cut off those junk foods. Don’t lose your mental energy.

7: Exercise

Do Exercise everyday for 30 minutes. But Most people don’t follow that. Even I’m at one point. But After doing a regular exercise, I feel I’m having a more energy than before like a Superman. But I’m a Batman fan. Exercise is really an important one to boost the productivity.

8: Focus on Inputs

For Example: When you’re going to study, set 30 minutes and study. Don’t focus on outputs, its break the flow. Start focusing on inputs rather than ouputs

9: Have A Charger Always

What I mean by charger is a water. Have a waterbottle always. Drink intermittently its boost your energy and recover your energy

10: Big Reward

Have a Reward at the end of intense work. It’s a simple principle of Operant Conditioning. I’m having a habit, watching movie at night. It creates joy and that joyness leads me to do more intense work.

11: Break down the Complex Task

If the task is complex just break down into simpler components. And finish each components. This step by step fashion is leads to increase your accomplished tasks.

12: Eat the Frog at Morning

Its a old advice. But its gold like the proverb, Old is Gold. Because your mind is fresh when morning. Do the most intense task and make use of it. Don’t waste those hours for a wasteful activities such as checking a facebook etc.,

13: Love the Grind

This is philosophical one. Love the process, Love the Grind. Embrace that and love the smell of sweat. Work is a way to being present. Be in your mind and do your own thing.

14: Practice the Skills

Figure out the skills that boost your productivity. And Practice those skills, sharpen that. The Value of Practice is a great one. Build your skills

15: Task On Task Manager And Events on Calendar

Have a Task Manager in your phone such as wunderlist or have a little notebook. Store the tasks on that. And if you encounter any important event just put it on calendar.

16: Time Limit

Fix the time for task and do that. It gives the time pressure to do that. Also you aware of that. Measuring the time and use it further

17: Have a Break

Have a break in between the tasks. Walk or do any relaxing activities. It zaps your energy and recover your energy to do the future tasks.

18: Be Accountable

Take a Challenge: If you didn’t complete the task, give the money to your friend, Haha. Its a way of being accountable it makes you sit at chair and completes the work.

19: Create A Habit

Create a habits it not need any willpower. [In future, I’m going to write a article on Habit( Guide ) so Stay Tuned]

20: Simplify, Simplify, Simplify

Simplify the task list. Simplify the work. I like to live a Simplified life. Its make your mind balanced.



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