I wondered, some peoples have a lot of friends. More importantly, they have lasting friendship. They’re maintaining good relationship with others. They get anything what they want. They impart their vision to others. I realize that their ability to persuade someone is differentiates. In brief, ” its their ability to say the right thing at the right time in everyday conversation to influence people to like, listen to, cooperate with and respect them “.

You should have talents and practice your skills to succeed. But, Most of us forget that if we connect with more peoples we begin to gain more opportunities and healthy relationship. But, Sometimes we using the wrong words that gives us bad reputation. Also, conflicts between you and people arises. In order to avoid this, you should know how to use the right words at the right time.

I’m going to give you 10 simple persuasion rules. It helps you on daily basis.

1: Sweet Criticism:

Criticizing is not a bad thing if it is have something constructive. But, Peoples don’t like that. Instead of criticizing directly, you should appreciate them before criticizing them. First appreciate their work  before criticizing their work. Because everyone do something with love. Nobody is perfect, right. Appreciation makes them feel good about themselves. If you criticize after the appreciation, people believes you’re really like to improve them rather degrading them.

Rule #1: Appreciate before criticizing

2: Positive Gossiping:

Gossiping is bad. This is first comes in our mind. Because, People always gossiping about others negatives rather than positives. If someone says good thing about a person you know, passing that to the particular person. Its makes your relationship bond stronger. Its a win-win situation. Its gives you a good reputation.

Rule #2: Spread the positive gossip

3: Ready Time:

You’re always having something important to say to your friends or someone one. At the same time, you also expecting them to get full attention from them. But, They’re not always ready to listen to you. If they don’t listen, when you say something important, its not their problem most of the times. It’s only your problem. So, before saying something important to them, ask: Is this a good time for you ?. If the answer is no, don’t disturb them. If the answer is yes, start saying that.

Rule #3: Ask them ” Is this good time for you ?’ before saying something important to them

4: Make it Private:

Don’t criticize anyone in public. It produce disastrous effect on your relationship. Tell them in private. If you criticize someone in public, they feel so shame. It leads to conflict. Instead keep them in private and tell them what they did wrong.

Rule #4: Criticize the peoples privately instead in public.

5: Admit If you’re wrong:

I’m already said, nobody is perfect. So, you make some mistakes, right. But here is the point, don’t defend them instead accept your mistakes. Don’t let ego affects you. Stoic people says, ” Ego is the Enemy”. Be humble enough to accept your mistakes. So, you more focused on improvements.

Rule #5: If you did something wrong, accept that

6: Hold your Tongue:

Giving advice is good thing. But people feel annoying if you always giving advice. It’s good to do because it shows your care towards someone. But if people don’t like that then it’s waste of time. So, ask them before you giving advice if they need or not.

Rule #6: Ask them before giving them advice if they really want that.

7: Appreciate Timely:

If you want to wish someone, don’t procrastinate tell them quickly. Don’t wish them tomorrow or year after. Wish them at the moment of time. Appreciate when the people achieved something rather than after a long time.

Rule #7: Appreciate at the moment of time.

8: Balanced Conversation:

The Balanced Conversation is something that everyone talk. There is a time when you talk too much. It’s feeling to the person you’re talking with. So, make them talk by asking a certain questions. At the same time, don’t asking a question. Give them appreciation if they tell something good about themselves.

Rule #8: Don’t talk too much. Give them a chance to talk

9: Give a response:

You should give a certain kind of response when peoples talking with you. There is two kinds of responses you can give, One is through body language for example: shaking you face intermittently and the other is through verbal for example: Say “Oh”, “Ok”, “Good” etc., when they talking with you. If you don’t give a response then people don;t like to talk with you. You should really listen that. Fake response is also a bad.

Rule #9: Give a response when peoples talking with you.

10: Ask, Ask, Ask:

Nobody offers you anything until you ask that. Don’t expect them to be like that. You’re a fool if you be like that. Ask them if you want something. Don’t be a mannequin in showroom and feeling sad about that. Like a one say, ” Ask you’ll receive that”

Rule #10: Ask if you want something

That’s it…..

Start using those rules today. It definitely improves your relationship with others.

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